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The table below lists supercentenarians whose ages have been validated (or currently under review if you selected that option). We are continuing to process supercentenarian validation cases at this stage. Places of birth are listed according to their modern day country. However this does not always reflect the nationality or ethnicity of a supercentenarian. In addition, France has overseas regions and departments that are integral parts of the country. This includes French Guiana in South America, Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean, and Mayotte and Réunion off the coast of Africa. As these do not geographically lie within Europe, supercentenarians from there are not included in this table.

Forename Surname Sex Date of birth Date of death Age
Modern day place of birth Place of death or residence Validation
Maria de Jesus F 10 Sep 1893 2 Jan 2009 115 114 42117 Olival, Santarém, Portugal Corujo, Santarém, Portugal High level validated
Maria do Couto Maia F 24 Oct 1890 25 Jul 2005 114 274 41912 Grijó, Porto, Portugal Grijó, Porto, Portugal High level validated
Maria da Encarnação (Maria da Encarnação) Nunes de Sousa F 20 Mar 1909 21 Jul 2022 113 123 41396 Pradinho, Guarda, Portugal Vila Nova de Tazem, Guarda, Portugal High level validated
Augusto Moreira de Oliveira M 6 Oct 1896 13 Feb 2009 112 130 41037 Guetim, Aveiro, Portugal Grijó, Porto, Portugal High level validated
António Fernandes de Castro M 6 Jan 1898 22 Jun 2009 111 167 40709 Durrães, Braga, Portugal Durrães, Braga, Portugal High level validated
Maria Virgínia (Virgínia) de Abreu Ferreira de Almeida Pestana F 3 Apr 1899 1 Aug 2010 111 120 40662 Porto, Porto, Portugal Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal High level validated
Susana Correia Conceição Silva Reis F 23 Apr 1905 9 May 2016 111 16 40559 Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal High level validated
Maria Dolores de Jesus Gomes Ferreira F 22 Jul 1902 31 Jul 2013 111 9 40552 Sequeade, Braga, Portugal Encourados, Braga, Portugal High level validated
Maria d'Almeida F 29 Sep 1899 11 Sep 2010 110 347 40524 Candosa, Coimbra, Portugal Ramada, Lisbon, Portugal High level validated
Romana de Sousa Marques F 22 Jul 1908 15 Jun 2019 110 328 40505 Casal da Faniqueira, Leiria, Portugal Gândara, Leiria, Portugal High level validated
Hermínia dos Santos Corrêa F 17 Jul 1910 27 Sep 2020 110 72 40250 Vale de Asnes, Bragança, Portugal Mirandela, Bragança, Portugal High level validated